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The MCUF is proud to assist credit unions and credit union chapters with community-based work and expanding community partnerships. Community Reinvestment Initiative (CRI) grants are available for credit unions, collaborative groups of credit unions and credit union chapters developing or implementing a program that supports or is related to the Michigan Credit Union League’s CRI program. CRI Grants for member and community financial education efforts are especially encouraged. CRI grant applications are presented to and approved by the MCUF trustees as funding is available.

Grant requests will be assessed with these considerations:

Supports Foundation Goals – Does your proposal:

  • Assist, advance, and strengthen the Michigan Credit Union movement?
  • Support activities or initiatives related to the Michigan Credit Union League’s CRI financial education initiative?

Critical Considerations – Does your proposal:

  • Address problem(s) and create sustainable solutions?
  • Identify populations or service areas to be affected?
  • Incorporate an evaluation method that can demonstrate outcomes?
  • Involve other agencies or institutions in a collaborative manner?

Uses resources responsibly – Does your proposal:

  • Demonstrate good stewardship of resources?
  • Become financially self-sufficient?
  • Promote programs that can be replicated or shared with other credit unions?


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