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2012 Fall Leadership Development Conference


Thank you for attending the MCUL & Affiliates 2012 Fall Leadership Development
Conference. Below are handouts from this event!

League Update
      David Adams

Political Involvement (VAP V421)
      Marc McKellar

Meet the Regulator Panel
      John Kolhoff of OFIR and Martha Powell of NCUA        

For Wallet Share
      Kelley Parks                  

Credit Union Director Responsibilities
       Schoolcraft College-Meri Dembrow

History and Philosophy (VAP V01)

      Stephanie Klocinski           

Capturing the Attention of the Next Generation
     Kelley Parks

Advanced Financial Literacy

     Schoolcraft College-Meri Dembrow

It’s Going to Hit the Bottom Line:
The Financial Impact of Regulatory Compliance

     Shawn Wolbert

Products – What is Working in Credit Unions

     Kelley Parks

Compliance Discussion Session

     Shawn Wolbert

Financial Reports (VAP V02) “BYOB” Review
     Steve Cobb
Mobile Banking: Hype, Hope and ROI
     Bill Clancy

Bank Secrecy Act for Directors
     Shawn Wolbert

Managing Risk (VAP V03)

     John Rupert

Electronic Fraud (VAP V502)

     Steve Winninger


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