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Saying that credit unions are obligated to help their members is to state the self-evident. Credit unions were organized for the specific purpose of providing cooperative, not-for-profit financial services for people who needed a fair place to borrow and a safe place to save.

What, on the other hand, do credit unions owe their neighborhoods and communities? The essentials of good citizenship, certainly — obeying the laws, paying property tax levies, maintaining a safe and attractive facility and environment. Is that all? Or, do credit unions need to do more?

Whether it goes by names such as “community involvement” or “social responsibility,” or is just regarded as a routine part of doing business, most credit unions recognize the need to reach out beyond the confines of their memberships and practice a goodneighbor policy in the broader community. And in today’s climate of growing banker attacks and rising expectations for corporate social responsibility, making a strategic commitment to one’s community and neighborhood has never been more important...

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